Everyone is invited because #IntegrityMatters

Integrity definition: Integrity is doing the right thing even though no one is watching and even if it will go unnoticed.

The value of practicing integrity is the ‘feel good factor.” When you do the right thing, you feel good about yourself and your confidence and self-esteem grows. You can sleep well at night and know that nothing will come back to bite you and ruin you, your family or your credibility.

Remember, integrity costs nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything. Rebuilding and healing takes time, and is sometimes not possible.

This is my personal pledge for any individual, irrespective of culture, age or profession. Practicing integrity starts with self-leadership and self-reflection.

I pledge:

  1. To be honest and truthful in everything I do. Lying and cheating will only come back to bite me in some form in the future.
  2. To live my truth and be outspoken about what I need to make my life fulfilled and happy.
  3. To think through my decisions, knowing that every decision I make will impact on someone’s life.
  4. .To do what I say I am going to do. My word is good, and that is priceless.
  5. To try and do the right thing by my own standards. It takes hard work to think about and live with integrity. I need to try and do what’s right every day.
  6. To understand that the right thing for me may not necessarily be right for others.
  7. To be professional, honest and transparent in all my communications, at home, work and with my loved ones.
  8. To try and not lose my temper and to talk through conflict rather than attack someone, because loss of impulse control is not integrity.
  9. To understand that instant gratification is a temptation, but if I choose to be corrupt and act without integrity I will have to pay in the future.
  10. To live with compassion and empathy towards other humans beings and animals.
  11. To balance empathy and caring without compromising on personal assertiveness.
  12. To be accountable to myself firstly.
  13. To try and assist wherever I can in my community. To assist the less fortunate by giving a “hand up” to make this a better world for all.


I do this because I want to live a meaningful life, with integrity