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Charissa Bloomberg
Hidden Dimensions
Email: cb@hiddendimensions.co.za

Speaking bookings for Charissa Bloomberg:

Please contact A Speakers New York, UK

  • Nanna Lind Pedersen
  • Speaker Consultant
  • Direct: (UK) +44 20 3514 1368
  • (US) +1 347 697 4806
  • Emailnali@a-speakers.com
  • Flakhaven 1, Odense 5000, Denmark
  • A-Speakers, Herald Square, New York, NY 10001

PR-Press Releases:

Vanessa Rogers
TextBOX Conceptual
Cell: 0824228496

Email: textbox@rocketmail.com

Media and Digital Branding:

Prince Abuh
Sourcebranding Digital Agenc
Cell: 084 739 2814
Email: prince@sourcebranding.com
Web: www.sourcebranding.com

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