Bloomberg has been working hard to implement Integrity training in the international arena, in order to make it globally accessible. Coming from the standpoint that integrity is essential in all aspects life, she says that this development is ground breaking and thanks to iFacts for their collaboration in the programme’s development.

Recently, this 10-module programme has been rolled out at the University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality, through Work Integrated Learning coordinator, Tracy Daniels. Bloomberg salutes this development, because she believes that these students are our future leaders and because of her staunch belief that integrity development should ideally be part of any tertiary education course, internationally.

The Tourism and Hospitality students at UJ also completed an exciting assignment this past month, where they went into the community to explain the meaning of integrity. Bloomberg hopes other universities will soon follow UJ’s lead. Further to the above, Bloomberg has added a programme to the mix in which integrity ambassadors can be nominated as role models in the fields, and where additional training can be done to upskill them in their roles. Ambassadors will undertake a group project within their community to earn their certificates.

Student Testimonials

*Klass Ntjie University of Johannesburg student: I just want to say I truly appreciate everything that you’re doing and GOD truly bless you, you’re an inspiration and you represent hard work, determination and faith and I’m so inspired⭐ thank you for the good work that you doing

*Nondumiso Mdluli University of Cape Town. I am extremely grateful to you. You have impacted my life in a great way. I cannot even begin to explain. Thank you so much and please keep being a positive, energetic person and bringing positivity to others the same way you did with me.

Integrity Ambassadors Assignment

Integrity Ambassadors

*Sinebhongo Puwani
My Name is Sinebhongo Puwani.I’m 26 years old, currently studying Business Management at False Bay College and Working at Vodacom as Sales Consultant. To me Integrity is the quality of a person being sincere, faithful and truthful in appearance, speech and action. Doing the Right thing always.

I am Tshepiso Chauke a final year student acquiring a National diploma in Tourism Management at the University of Johannesburg. Currently located in Soweto Meadowlands. Former Chairperson of Student Business Council (2019/2020) UJ Chapter Bunting Campus. Former alto vocalist for Omni Praise and social media manager. A professional commercial model at Steel Model Studio.

An agent of change, aspiring Event Manager & currently building my solo musical career Unapologetic Psalmist I strongly believe in the importance of advocating for moral principles. As an Integrity Ambassador I have vowed to be governed by integrity and uphold this role with honor.

I’m Tebogo Fumbeza, born and raised in Soweto protea Glen. I’m studying tourism management diploma at school of tourism and hospitality (STH) 3rd year. Integrity is the quality of being honest as a person, behaving ethically and doing what is right , even behind closed doors. Helping around your community, it can be a friend, neighbour or a community centre. Example if someone drops money and you take it back to the owner that shows integrity.

My name is Klass Ntjie I’m from Polokwane in Limpopo. I am a third year tourism management student.

Integrity to me it means I have to always do good regardless of the situation or circumstances, for I have to maintain my good principles.


My name is Nkumbulo Jobe, Im from Eastrand small township called Katlehong I’m currently doing my final year at the University Of Johannesburg under the qualification of Tourism Management.
Personally I believe that I am a hard worker and mostly I enjoy working with people as they “Umuntu NguMuntu NgaBantu”

Integrity: I believe that this are the qualities that a person can develop which may include honesty and also having strong morals and values/ethics.
Helping people without any expectation of being rewarded.


My name is Lesedi A Sekgobela, I am from Pretoria in Mamelodi East. I am a third year tourism management student. My everyday quote is “if it is to be, it is up to me”.

Integrity means acting with honesty and loyalty without expecting anything in return, meaning doing the right things at no cost. I will be spreading awareness about integrity in my community and acting as an example to the youth community


My decision to be an integrity ambassador is inspired by my personality and passion to always do the right thing and stand firmly by what I believe is right. For me integrity comes naturally, but I never thought it could be something that is recognised as a good and strong quality on this level and even get rewarded with a certificate for it.

I always lead by example and I believe that my strong quality of integrity will rub off on all the people around me especially in the workplace.

Becoming an integrity ambassador will motivate me to continue doing right by others in my life and also teach other people to do the same in a professional manner. I would really be grateful for this opportunity.

Integrity in the workplace, at home, in communication, every day, every minute– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions
Self-leadership is key to integrity– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions
You need to have integrity to build your brand– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions
Ethics without integrity means nothing– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions
Just do what you say you going to do– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions
Once you have broken your word, you will have a difficult time to rebuild trust– Charissa BloombergIntegrity Leadership Specialist, Hidden Dimensions

Charissa has grown her integrity footprint in South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, UK and soon USA