Topics for Integrity forum panel discussions

Business Leadership: Inspiring Integrity for positive growth.
This panel discussion will debate the following questions:

-Defining integrity in the work place
-Integrity and ethical leadership, how are they integrated?
-Discussion around different definitions of cultural integrity
-Does it have the same meaning across all cultures?
-Why is Integrity so scarce amongst leaders?
-What is the value of doing business with Integrity?
-How does this impact on profitability?
-What is an integrity lapse?
-What is the cost of low integrity in organizations?
-With so much moral decay and rot, is it time for people in all avenues of work, NGO’s and other; to volunteer to become Integrity Champions in their field of work?
-What is the role of integrity champions?
-Pros and cons of having an integrity department in organizations
-Transformation and integrity building skills.
-How do those that choose to work with their own level of Integrity, be role models for the future?
-How do we make organizations resilient to corruption?
-Skills for ‘integrity proofing’ your organization
-Policies and procedures for ‘integrity proofing” organizations
-How can integrity leadership training play a role in preventing corrupting and moral decay
-Integrity leadership training as a preventive tool
-How do we apply Integrity in our everyday life relationships and communication?