We are proud to announce that Charissa Bloomberg (Hidden Dimensions) in association with Prof Thuli Madonsela and her Thuma Foundation will be launching South Africa’s first ever  ‘Integrity Forum’ Next year February 2019.

We will have guest speakers and panellist from government and the corporate environment. We are also inviting guest speakers and calling for any research papers.  

Topics for Integrity forum panel discussions

Business Leadership: Inspiring Integrity for positive growth. This panel discussion will debate the following questions:
-Defining integrity in the work place -Integrity and ethical leadership, how are they integrated? -Discussion around different definitions of cultural integrity -Does it have the same meaning across all cultures? -Why is Integrity so scarce amongst leaders? -What is the value of doing business with Integrity? -How does this impact on profitability? -What is an integrity lapse? -What is the cost of low integrity in organizations? -With so much moral decay and rot, is it time for people in all avenues of work, NGO’s and other; to volunteer to become Integrity Champions in their field of work?
-What is the role of integrity champions? -Pros and cons of having an integrity department in organizations -Transformation and integrity building skills. -How do those that choose to work with their own level of Integrity, be role models for the future? -How do we make organizations resilient to corruption? -Skills for ‘integrity proofing’ your organization -Policies and procedures for ‘integrity proofing” organizations -How can integrity leadership training play a role in preventing corrupting and moral decay -Integrity leadership training as a preventive tool -How do we apply Integrity in our everyday life relationships and communication?

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Please feel free to contact us for suggestions and comments. (Enquiries: Charissa. 0827378988 Email: cb@hiddendimensions.co.za)

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