8 MAY 2018


Professor Thuli Madonsela will serve as keynote speaker and participate in an interactive panel discussion at an Integrity Networking Breakfast set for Wednesday 16 May.

The topic under discussion will be “Can your organisation afford the cost of an integrity lapse?” and will explore ways in which one can future proof one’s organisation to be integrity compliant across all levels.

The breakfast event is the brainchild of Charissa Bloomberg, CEO of Hidden Dimensions Corporate Training Consultants, who is working with Professor Madonsela to launch South Africa’s first Integrity Forum later this year. Details will be announced at the breakfast next week.

“The culture of instant gratification leads people to make unethical decisions without thinking of the consequences,” says Bloomberg. “It takes hard work to live with integrity. It is about re-evaluating every decision you make and every interaction with others. It’s about being honest, speaking your truth and being transparent. One has to constantly self-reflect and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It is hard work”.

The event takes place at Cape Town’s Nelson Mandela Auditorium at Gardens Community Centre, 88 Hatfield Street​,​ between 08:00 and 12:30.

The panel discussion will be convened by Fine Music Radio’s Hadley Titus, with Panelists Charissa Bloomberg and television talk show host Faizal Sayed. Also speaking will be Francois Viljoen, Marketing Manager at South Africa Online.

“We encourage students as well as stakeholders from Cape Town’s public, private and non-governmental organisation community to support this event,” Bloomberg says. “There is no organisation that cannot afford to conduct their business affairs in an ethical manner. At this event we will discuss integrity lapses in organisations and how best to build integrity conscious skills”.

Bloomberg explains that she convened the event in light of the fact that South Africa’s institutions face a crisis of integrity that is tearing apart our nation’s social fabric. In the light of corruption-making headlines, it is an ideal time to place more value on the role of integrity in the South African workplace.

Bloomberg adds that there were times she had “nothing in my tummy and a dream in my head to share a platform with Professor Madonsela to talk about our passion for integrity in the workplace. Three years into this dream and the day has arrived”.

Lucky draws will take place at the event and will include copies of Professor Madonsela’s biography No Longer Whispering to Power, written by Thandeka Gqubule.

For inquiries, Charissa Bloomberg on cb@hiddendimensions.co.za or telephone (082) 737 8988. website is www.hiddendimensions.co.za
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